Rings - Itali Lambertini


There is no limit to what you and Tim can create together! Here are a few examples of the rings that we have made over the years.

L to R: 22k gold wavy band, 22k gold and zircon Fern ring, platinum and blue sapphire wavy ring, 18k gold and blue sapphire wavy ring, platinum and palladium twist ring, 22k gold and black diamond stackable, 18k gold and blue sapphire stackable

Palmate Rings

This lovely palmate pattern is created by carving a steel die and pressing the gold into the design. The gold wire border is then welded into place. Beyond that, the ring can be customized in any number of ways.

22k gold and emerald

22k gold and pink sapphire

Cornflower blue sapphire and platinum

22k gold and tsavarite garnet

Wavy Rings

The perfect ring for repurposing your stones into a fresh new setting. Tim welds a group of gold 'washers' together at the base of the ring and then creates the waves based on each stone that he is setting. Next he carves a groove on the inside of each wave where he plans on setting a stone, which locks that stone into place before he welds the waves together and moves on to set another stone.

18k gold Wavy ring with white and champagne diamonds

18k gold Wavy ring with diamonds and blue sapphires

18k gold and tourmaline wavy ring using client's stones

Platinum and Sri Lankan blue sapphire Wavy Ring

Bands and Various Rings

We can create any design that your heart desires! Here are some more examples of rings that Tim has created for our clients.

22k gold and Moissonite ring

Moissonite is a gorgeous alternative to natural diamonds, as it is free of any negative environmental or social impacts, and is a fraction of the cost of diamonds!

Platinum, bronze and 22k gold wedding set with diamonds

Platinum and 22k gold lined wedding bands

18k gold and diamond Edelweiss wedding set (diamonds provided by client)

22k gold and peridot ring

18k gold Ouroborus ring

18k gold and emerald ring

22k gold and Mozambique tourmaline ring

22k gold and green tourmaline ring

18k gold rings using client's diamonds

22k gold, garnet and champagne diamond ring

22k Undersea ring with blue sapphires and Paraiba tourmalines

22k gold diamond and spinel ring

22k gold Aunk ring with lapis, carnelian, green turquoise and white sapphire