Pendants - Itali Lambertini


Here are some pendant examples for your inspiration!

22k gold pivoting pendant with ancient Greek coin, circa 350bc

We purchase all of our ancient coins from CNG and these coins are certified to be authentic. You are welcome to purchase your coin and have us create the setting.

22k gold pendant with ancient Greek coin, circa 350-60bc

This lovely Dionysis coin was purchased from CNG and is set in 22k gold. Approximately 15mm in diameter. We can source your coin for you or you can choose your own for us to set.

22k gold with ancient Roman intaglio pendant on emerald cabachon necklace

Platinum pendant using client's diamonds

22k gold moonstone pendant with 18k gold handmade chain

18k gold and Australian fire opal pendant

18k gold opal pendant on 18k gold chain

22k gold and ruby pendant on 18k gold chain

22k gold and emerald pendant on 18k gold chain

18k gold and red jasper pendant on leather thong

This recent medical school graduate and budding heart doctor found this jasper on the beach and it reminded him of a heart so he asked Tim to create this meaninful pendant.

22k gold handmade chain

We are happy to create a chain for you in 18k or 22k gold. Choose from a range of link sizes and chain lengths.